Common PPC Mistakes #2: Bad Content

One of the unfortunate consequences of the rise of SEO in Internet Marketing – among the many good and fortunate ones – is the fact that there are sites out there which, however temporarily, benefit from a high keyword density to ride high in search engine rankings. They take up a position that would be more deserved by a well-put-together site with decent content and, even though they will fall from their position, they get in the way. It is thoroughly irritating when you have a site with well-written content and see someone who has clearly just welded keywords together with nonsensical writing rank above you.

The most important thing is to not fall into the trap of thinking that their success means you should behave in the same way. Most importantly, if PPC is to work, reports have shown time and time again that the most successful ads are those which are placed on sites where the content is readable, stands out and is innovative. A strong identity is the most important commodity a site can have, and in this respect there really is no substitute for good content.

People are looking for a reason why they should make a purchase, and content which reads either exactly the same as dozens of other sites, or else reads like black-hat SEO nonsense will not cut it with potential customers. You do want people coming to your site – but you want them to actually go the extra mile and buy. This will be best achieved with good content.

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