Common PPC Mistakes #3: Boring Ads

If you have gone to the length of spending money on ad position, then you want to make sure that the people who see it (as a result of this excellent positioning) will actually want to click it too. This is a mistake that too many Internet Marketers make. Thinking that they have got the Holy Grail through getting a significant position in the rankings, they rest on their laurels and forget all about putting something attention-grabbing in their ad. So people will see your ad, fine, but if the ones either side of it are saying something interesting, then you may well find that you’re losing out on business to the guys who are entertaining.

If your ad is simply a short description of your business or your affiliate, do not be surprised if you have a low click through rate. Even if the landing page is full of enthralling insights and offers, it matters little if people never get to see it. And if your ad is boring, then people will be more likely to head elsewhere. That is practically math. You may not have many words in which to say something, but the key for you is to concentrate on making those words punchy and dynamic. Don’t try and copy your competitors (even if their ads are punchy and dynamic), but there’s nothing wrong with seeing them as a template. The words to remember are “unique” and “relevant”. Apply both to your advertisement and you can’t go far wrong.

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