Common PPC Mistakes #5: OMG, TMI! Keep Your Information Useful.

When you only have limited space to make yourself understood, to sell something or to grab people’s attention, it is important to set a hierarchy of what is genuinely important. If you are trying to sell, it is obvious that you will want to mention the product, any deals and, if possible, the company name. What you do not need to do here is go into detail. There is a limited amount of benefit in extraneous detail, and when you are working with a character limit it doesn’t much benefit you to have it in there. Keeping your information down to what is useful will pay off for you.

For example, many people put the company phone number in their PPC ad. This is a mistake in more ways than one. For starters, it takes up space. Additionally, it is not going to make people pick up the phone and call, so putting it right in front of them is a waste of time. Finally, even if people do pick up the phone and call the number, it isn’t helping you any because they are unlikely to click the ad if they are of a mind to do business over the phone. A telephone number in a PPC ad is wasted space, whatever way you look at it.

Your best bet is to keep your ad short and punchy. Detail about the company can wait for the landing page. When people get there, they can and will read what you have to say about the company and the product – and you’ll have much more space to nourish their interest.

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  1. Nelia says:

    This article acehived exactly what I wanted it to achieve.

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