Common PPC Mistakes #6: Not Getting The RIGHT Information In Your Ads

There is an old joke, which frequently turns up both in spoof ad pages in magazines, and still to this day in some classified ads. It says “FREE SEX!” in big, bold letters, and in the smaller text on the following lines says “Well, not really, but now we have your attention…”. Although fairly tedious, this does help to make a point, which is that the most important thing about PPC advertisements is their ability to grab a person’s attention. You can worry all night about what you are going to feature in your ad and what you will cut, but in the first instance, you need to be getting the salient information in.

For example, if you have special deals on the products you are selling, tell people! That’s what they are interested in, and what will grab their attention. Do they want to save money? Sure they do, so give prominence to how you can help them do this. That’s something they will want to know about. Also – naturally – say something about your product. You haven’t got much space, so if your ad just says “A&P Consulting! We Have Bargains! Look At Our Site! Lots of Variety!” and variations upon that theme, you’re less likely to get clicks, and more likely to have people click another link while wondering what exactly you do.

You have a word limit, so make absolutely sure that each word used has value. Don’t just throw a hotchpotch of superlatives, and don’t just use bald information. You need the information in there and you need to make it interesting.

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One Response to Common PPC Mistakes #6: Not Getting The RIGHT Information In Your Ads

  1. Billybob says:

    Learning a ton from these neat airtcles.

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