Common PPC Mistakes #8: Resting On Your Laurels

The old saying which goes “a watched pot never boils” is there to dissuade us from micro-managing everything in our lives. It is important, though, to recognize that just as intricate, obsessive following of details will do us more harm than good, the best way to do things is not the exact opposite of micro-management – rather, it is somewhere in the middle, between too much and too little focus on the point. Therefore, when you start placing PPC ads it is important to realize that there is such a thing as too much “laissez-faire”.

The statistics that come with any PPC account are important. You will see where your clicks and referrals come from. This will not only be the search engines that feature your ads, but also the networks to which they distribute those same ads. All of the major search engines do this, but they cannot control absolutely the quality of the networks they send your ads to. This can end up in a very low conversion rate for referrals from those networks – which will generally turn out to be fraudulent. If you have referring domains with a bounce rate around 90%, it will be fraudulent. Some search engines will ask you to call them to remove these sites from your list and save you from paying for useless traffic – however, Google allows you to move them into an “excluded sites” folder. Don’t just let this go – it can cost you money for no benefit, and can drain a budget if left alone.

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One Response to Common PPC Mistakes #8: Resting On Your Laurels

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