Common PPC Mistakes #10: This Product Is Not Tested – At All

One thing that is now common to all the major search engines is that they will allow you to have multiple ad copies which can have a great deal of individual utility. For example, one copy of your ad can be linked to a different landing page than the other, have different wording within the ad itself, and will have its own statistics as laid out by the provider you use. This makes it possible to test your ads in the early days of a campaign – and to choose whichever ad has given you the best results when making a decision going forward. This kind of live testing can, if used correctly, work very well for you.

If you are clear and certain of the advertisement that you want to use, sure of your landing page and have no alternative wording to play around with, then maybe you shouldn’t bother with testing. But you should give some thought to the matter if there is any doubt in your mind that you are running the right advertisement. Don’t just assume that you’ve got it right first time. Keep an open mind and you can maximize your potential income from PPC sales.

When there is so much data out there that can feed into the best eventual result, it is essential to keep your options open. The last thing you want is to let other people pick up sales you could be getting, so it is worth running two or even three ads simultaneously with subtle differences between them all.

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One Response to Common PPC Mistakes #10: This Product Is Not Tested – At All

  1. Trevon says:

    These topics are so confusing but this hlpeed me get the job done.

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