How To Find High-Paying Keywords

When it comes to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and marketing, one concept takes precedence above all others: keywords.

PPC advertising is contextual – at least, it is in the vast majority of cases, including the famed Google Adsense. That means that the adverts are generated on the basis of the words inside the text of a website; that can content articles, how-to guides, reviews or any other manner of text-based content. Contextual advertising allows PPC companies to show adverts that the visitors are assumed to be interested in; for example, if someone is reading an article about horse ownership, a contextual PPC will show adverts that relate to horses, horse ownership and similar. This increases the likelihood of someone clicking the advert, and thus generating revenue both for Google and for you, the advertiser. It also makes for a simple way of operation, with the advertiser not needing to independently research companies to show adverts for – they are generated automatically, through contextual advertising.

The advertising uses “keywords” to generate the ads. So in the aforementioned example, an article with the keyword “horse ownership” in it would produce ads from companies who listed themselves as operating within the “horse ownership” sector. Different industries pay different amounts per click, depending on the popularity of the keyword in question. Some clicks will pay on five or six cents per clicks, whereas others will pay several dollars.

You can use the Google Keyword Tool to check which niches, and keywords, have the highest pay outs per click. Build good, informative content around these keywords and display Adsense (or another PPC programme) on the website, and your internet marketing career is up and running.

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