Pay Per Click Success – The Golden Rules

Trial and error makes up a big part of how we learn in life – but in business, there often is not much time to trial things, and depending on the size of an error you can find yourself limited in what you do before you even start. It is important, then, to not trust solely in the process of trial and error, and to give yourself as strong a position as possible before you make any life-changing decisions. Pay Per Click is a classic example of this. There is a lot you can know before you begin, and trial and error will help you only if it is used to refine rather than to set a strategy. Knowing the golden rules is essential.

For example, for Pay Per Click to really pay off for you, you need to know how and where to position your ads. An ad will naturally be more beneficial if it is placed on a page where the content makes it hard to ignore. An example of bad PPC is when Internet Marketers place their ads on a page which has scarcely relevant, or poorly written content. People are not going to click on ads that bear no relevance to what they are reading, or that are sitting next to content that is so badly written it is hard to read.

Additionally, it is important to interpret the data that you find when researching your most valuable keywords  and categories. Certain rates may look like good value until such time as you place the ad on your site and see the statistics come in in real time. If you can guarantee a lot of clicks for your ad, then a high valuation is a goldmine – but if surfers aren’t going to click in large numbers then the ad is just taking up space.

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