Marketing: The Core

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One Response to Marketing: The Core

  1. Arman says:

    Good post. I especially agree with a purospe-driven approach. Establish a core purospe and use that as a steering wheel to drive all the other elements.Here are a few more tips off the top of my head:1. Video can increase conversion rates2. If no video, a pretty smiling woman looking into the camera is better than most things.3. Use testimonials to increase your trust.4. Offer a specific guarantee before the call-to-action ie. Guarantee -> 30 Day Quality Guarantee 5. Large fonts make for better looking typography and get your message across clearer than small text. Make headings on your landing page large and few instead of small and many.6. Add trust symbols like credit cards, social media, SSL encryption etc. to your footer.7. Add an address that at least looks real, and a phone number to add more trust.8. No spelling errors!!!Anton invites you yo check..

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