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Common PPC Mistakes #9: Fixing Your Eyes Too Firmly On The Prize

There has been some discussion already of the problem of breathlessly chasing the number one ranking for a certain keyword. Some people will get involved in a bidding war to have this ranking, in the belief that it will result in big-time PPC results – but all too often they are wrong. Certainly, there is a very real chance that you will end up spending too much for the price of a keyword to really be justified in terms of what it pays out to you. And this is all the more regrettable, because there are real advantages to not being right at the top.

Common PPC Mistakes #8: Resting On Your Laurels

The old saying which goes “a watched pot never boils” is there to dissuade us from micro-managing everything in our lives. It is important, though, to recognize that just as intricate, obsessive following of details will do us more harm than good, the best way to do things is not the exact opposite of micro-management – rather, it is somewhere in the middle, between too much and too little focus on the point. Therefore, when you start placing PPC ads it is important to realize that there is such a thing as too much “laissez-faire”.

Common PPC Mistakes #7: The Disconnect

Internet Marketers have been experimenting with the medium for a few years now, and one thing that has become very clear is that if it takes someone three or more clicks to get to where they want to be, they will often give it up and go somewhere else. This is naturally something you will want to avoid when you are marketing, so it is important to avoid this kind of disconnect. Keep everything interesting where your potential customers will be able to see it, and you will get a lot further in your marketing campaigns. Make them work for it and they will just find someone else.

Common PPC Mistakes #6: Not Getting The RIGHT Information In Your Ads

There is an old joke, which frequently turns up both in spoof ad pages in magazines, and still to this day in some classified ads. It says “FREE SEX!” in big, bold letters, and in the smaller text on the following lines says “Well, not really, but now we have your attention…”. Although fairly tedious, this does help to make a point, which is that the most important thing about PPC advertisements is their ability to grab a person’s attention. You can worry all night about what you are going to feature in your ad and what you will cut, but in the first instance, you need to be getting the salient information in.

Common PPC Mistakes #5: OMG, TMI! Keep Your Information Useful.

When you only have limited space to make yourself understood, to sell something or to grab people’s attention, it is important to set a hierarchy of what is genuinely important. If you are trying to sell, it is obvious that you will want to mention the product, any deals and, if possible, the company name. What you do not need to do here is go into detail. There is a limited amount of benefit in extraneous detail, and when you are working with a character limit it doesn’t much benefit you to have it in there. Keeping your information down to what is useful will pay off for you.

Common PPC Mistakes #4: What’s Your Keyword?

If you are putting together a PPC ad, it can be tiresome thinking of what to put in it to make it different from the others, but there is one thing you absolutely should not leave out when it comes to the finished ad. In order to make sure that people click on your ad, you should take care to ensure they remember why they are clicking it. It is fairly simple, but many people forget it – and that is the keyword itself. Strange as it may sound, plenty of people compile PPC ads without any mention of the keyword in them. It won’t stop your ad showing up, and you may still get clicks on it – but research shows that if the keyword isn’t in the ad, clicks are less likely.

Common PPC Mistakes #3: Boring Ads

If you have gone to the length of spending money on ad position, then you want to make sure that the people who see it (as a result of this excellent positioning) will actually want to click it too. This is a mistake that too many Internet Marketers make. Thinking that they have got the Holy Grail through getting a significant position in the rankings, they rest on their laurels and forget all about putting something attention-grabbing in their ad. So people will see your ad, fine, but if the ones either side of it are saying something interesting, then you may well find that you’re losing out on business to the guys who are entertaining.

Common PPC Mistakes #2: Bad Content

One of the unfortunate consequences of the rise of SEO in Internet Marketing – among the many good and fortunate ones – is the fact that there are sites out there which, however temporarily, benefit from a high keyword density to ride high in search engine rankings. They take up a position that would be more deserved by a well-put-together site with decent content and, even though they will fall from their position, they get in the way. It is thoroughly irritating when you have a site with well-written content and see someone who has clearly just welded keywords together with nonsensical writing rank above you.

Common PPC Mistakes #1: The Wrong Landing Page

So you’ve got your keywords, and your budget. You’ve assigned your budget in the most sensible way to make each keyword as lucrative as they can be, and you’re ranking pretty highly in the search engines. You are, rightly, pretty confident of success. Then the money simply fails to roll in. You’re confused and frustrated, and who wouldn’t be? It looked like you had it all figured out – what’s going on? Well, chances are that the mistake you have made is in setting your landing page. Isn’t that daft? All that work up front, and the conversion rate is low because you set the wrong landing page.

Thinking Outside The Box On Keyword Selection

Let us start this piece with an analogy. A man hears Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony on the radio as he sits in reception before a business meeting. Amazed by the tempestuous beauty of the piece, he decides that he will learn to play it and sell it as his own. It is not long before he is laughed out of town by people already familiar with the piece, and he realizes that what matters is not the ability to recognize something amazing, but the ability to be creative and to turn one’s talents to being individual and remarkable. Humbled, he goes away and tries to create something new – it’s not as good as Beethoven’s Fifth, but it is his own and people appreciate it.

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