How To Find High-Paying Keywords

When it comes to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and marketing, one concept takes precedence above all others: keywords. This is a preview of How To Find High-Paying Keywords. Read the full post (281 More »

What Is Pay-Per-Click Part One: Overview

Understanding pay-per-click (or PPC) advertising really isn’t so difficult. A person signs up with a PPC company (the best known one is the Google operated Adsense, but others do exist). As PPC More »

Utilise WordPress Plugins With Your PPC Campaign

WordPress is perhaps the world's premier blogging platform, and is being used more and more often as a Content Management System (CMS) as well as a platform for traditional blogs. One More »

Pay-Per-Click Advertising: The Importance of the Fold

On a website, the “fold” is the area of screen available to anyone who visits that site without them needing to use the scrollbars. Essentially, “above the fold” is the area that More »

Common PPC Mistakes #4: What’s Your Keyword?

If you are putting together a PPC ad, it can be tiresome thinking of what to put in it to make it different from the others, but there is one thing you absolutely should not leave out when it comes to the finished ad. In order to make sure that people click on your ad, you should take care to ensure they remember why they are clicking it. It is fairly simple, but many people forget it – and that is the keyword itself. Strange as it may sound, plenty of people compile PPC ads without any mention of the keyword in them. It won’t stop your ad showing up, and you may still get clicks on it – but research shows that if the keyword isn’t in the ad, clicks are less likely.

Common PPC Mistakes #3: Boring Ads

If you have gone to the length of spending money on ad position, then you want to make sure that the people who see it (as a result of this excellent positioning) will actually want to click it too. This is a mistake that too many Internet Marketers make. Thinking that they have got the Holy Grail through getting a significant position in the rankings, they rest on their laurels and forget all about putting something attention-grabbing in their ad. So people will see your ad, fine, but if the ones either side of it are saying something interesting, then you may well find that you’re losing out on business to the guys who are entertaining.

Common PPC Mistakes #2: Bad Content

One of the unfortunate consequences of the rise of SEO in Internet Marketing – among the many good and fortunate ones – is the fact that there are sites out there which, however temporarily, benefit from a high keyword density to ride high in search engine rankings. They take up a position that would be more deserved by a well-put-together site with decent content and, even though they will fall from their position, they get in the way. It is thoroughly irritating when you have a site with well-written content and see someone who has clearly just welded keywords together with nonsensical writing rank above you.

Common PPC Mistakes #1: The Wrong Landing Page

So you’ve got your keywords, and your budget. You’ve assigned your budget in the most sensible way to make each keyword as lucrative as they can be, and you’re ranking pretty highly in the search engines. You are, rightly, pretty confident of success. Then the money simply fails to roll in. You’re confused and frustrated, and who wouldn’t be? It looked like you had it all figured out – what’s going on? Well, chances are that the mistake you have made is in setting your landing page. Isn’t that daft? All that work up front, and the conversion rate is low because you set the wrong landing page.

Thinking Outside The Box On Keyword Selection

Let us start this piece with an analogy. A man hears Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony on the radio as he sits in reception before a business meeting. Amazed by the tempestuous beauty of the piece, he decides that he will learn to play it and sell it as his own. It is not long before he is laughed out of town by people already familiar with the piece, and he realizes that what matters is not the ability to recognize something amazing, but the ability to be creative and to turn one’s talents to being individual and remarkable. Humbled, he goes away and tries to create something new – it’s not as good as Beethoven’s Fifth, but it is his own and people appreciate it.

Making The Most Of Your PPC Budget

Many people using PPC, especially those who are new to the idea, make the mistake of developing “tunnel vision” when it comes to choosing their keywords. Often, those who find what they consider to be the “perfect” keyword will become too heavily focussed on being on the list for that keyword and will ignore everything else. The mistake that too many of these people make is that they try to compete with advertisers who have a larger advertising budget than they do. Remember that your competitors may have room in their budget to really chase a certain keyword – room that you may not have.

Pay Per Click Success – The Golden Rules

Trial and error makes up a big part of how we learn in life – but in business, there often is not much time to trial things, and depending on the size of an error you can find yourself limited in what you do before you even start. It is important, then, to not trust solely in the process of trial and error, and to give yourself as strong a position as possible before you make any life-changing decisions. Pay Per Click is a classic example of this. There is a lot you can know before you begin, and trial and error will help you only if it is used to refine rather than to set a strategy. Knowing the golden rules is essential.

Pay Per Click – The Way Forward?

Internet Marketing is a world which has had a lot more attention cast on it in recent years than ever before. The importance of having an Internet Marketing strategy is something which more and more businesses are becoming aware of – if you want to make money in business, it is always smart to get on board an initiative that seems set for success before it attracts everyone else. In this respect, Pay Per Click advertising is something that every internet marketer should be taking a look at.

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