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Coupon – Buy OIO Publisher (WordPress) Plugin for only $37

OIO Publisher Plugin

Get $10 off the price of OIO Publisher plugin using our coupon code (coupon expires end of September, 2011).

OIO Publisher is a plugin to manage all your banner ads, paid links, paid reviews and much more. It can display the ads on one website, or on multiple Websites. OIO Publisher can be installed as a plugin within WordPress itself or alternatively it can be installed as a standalone application (….useful for use on other types of website platform such as HTML sites, or if you have a mixture of CMS types in your website portfolio), so it is probably the most flexible banner ad plugin available today.

Coupon for OIO Publisher Plugin – Save Up To $20

OIO Publisher Plugin


This month we’re offering a $10 Coupon discount (plus a members-only additional rebate of another $10 also available) for the OIO Publisher plugin – a product widely regarded as the number one WordPress plugin for managing Banner Ads.

As you know it is far more profitable to sell your banner space directly – then you get to keep 100% of the profit rather than get a tiny pittance from Google ads when – or IF – anyone clicks on a AdSense ad….

Utilise WordPress Plugins With Your PPC Campaign

WordPress is perhaps the world’s premier blogging platform, and is being used more and more often as a Content Management System (CMS) as well as a platform for traditional  blogs. One of the reasons for its success is because of how easy to use it is, even for absolute  newcomers with no coding experience.

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